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Legislative Agenda - 2013

Statewide Education Reform Initiatives

Connecticut’s RESCs are six school-based partnerships created by school districts and based on legislation enacted over 40 years ago to provide high-quality, cost-effective services to Connecticut’s school districts. The RESCs work collaboratively as the RESC Alliance.

The RESCs — locally governed by representatives from member boards of education — will advocate for the following issues during the 2013 session of the General Assembly:

Collaborate with the State Department of Education to Implement New Connecticut Educational Reform Initiatives
Each RESC, as well as the RESC Alliance (regionally and statewide), is uniquely positioned to support the state as it implements a number of educational reform initiatives. Through embedded professional learning, workshops, technical assistance and on-site coaching to districts, RESCs support SDE reform initiatives that include educator evaluation and support; CCSS implementation/assessment; and personalized learning opportunities for all students.

Regional Cooperation to Close the Connecticut & Global Achievement Gap
The RESC Alliance is positioned to assist districts with the implementation of intensive interventions and enable the supports necessary to turn around Connecticut’s lowest performing schools and districts and address the global achievement gap.

Early Childhood Initiative
Connecticut RESCs are leaders in quality early childhood initiatives throughout the state. We have the experience and expertise, and are uniquely positioned to support the Governor’s initiative to enhance families’ access to early childhood education opportunities.

Support Regional Infrastructures to Improve Fiscal Efficiency
In order to realize cost savings to districts, municipalities and the state, each RESC encourages and promotes regional collaboration among boards of education and local governments, with a focus on maintaining regional infrastructures and facilitating high-quality programs and services to school districts. The RESC Alliance urges the General Assembly to maintain its existing support for regional cooperation.