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2024 RESC Alliance Legislative Priorities

Virtual Legislative Forum

Magnet School & Equitable Funding:

The 29 magnet schools managed by Regional Educational Service Centers (RESCs) serve nearly 13,000 students statewide.

FY2025 Budget Request:

  • Assure the $40.2 million funding in PA 23-204 to support RESC magnet schools is retained. If this funding is reduced in any amount then sending districts will receive an increase in tuition bills.



  • NCEP has increased by 42% since 2010, while the Sheff Magnet Per Pupil Grant increased by 2% in the same time period;

  • The Sheff Magnet Grants covers only 56% of the average cost to educate a child in CT compared to 77% in 2010;

  • Sheff Magnet do not receive funding through the state Education Cost Sharing (ECS) grant; and

  • Unlike local school districts, RESCs do not have a tax base to cover additional costs for magnet schools.

  • Designate $1.5 million to support workforce development and the enhancement of a statewide system addressing IED by creating a new budget line item under the State Department of Education to support districts partnering with Residency Program certifying teachers of color.

  • Eliminate the well-intended funding mechanism enacted for IED Residency Programs within the 2022-23 biennial budget by eliminating the funding burden from Alliance districts.

Educator Diversity & Teacher Residency Program


  • In 2022-23, 11.2% of Connecticut’s teacher workforce were of educators of color, while 52.5% of the CT’s students identified as people of color, according to SDE.

  • The CT Teacher Residency Program:

    • ONLY CT program requiring districts to provide a living wage to residents

    • Nearly 150 teachers of color added in 34 districts since 2020

    • 100% retention rate with 100% residents teaching in classrooms

    • Launched Special Education certification in June 2023 with nine (9) residents


TRP Executive Summary

Establish $1.2 million line item under SDE to continue the development of trauma informed services to school districts to continue the implementation of UPLIFT, a train-the-trainer program that is trauma-informed, resilience-focused, and individualized to meet the unique systemic needs of a school or district.


  • ARPA funds identified in FY23 for RESCs to develop and implement a statewide training program to support public school educators address trauma were not extended in FY24.

  • Due to delayed FY23 fund disbursement, 20 districts receive free trauma-informed training from the RESC Alliance, despite funds being disbursed to the RESCs in FY24.

  • Trained 2,500+ school staff/service providers and 100+ youth in foundational knowledge of trauma and trauma informed care.

2024 Fact Sheet

2024 Q1/Q2 Report for Trauma Coordinators

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