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Acting As One

Every school district in Connecticut benefits from services provided by Regional Educational Service Centers (RESCs). Through RESCs, districts and communities have access to high quality, cost-effective collaborative programs and initiatives.

All RESCs support the instructional and operational components of Connecticut school districts. RESCs design and deliver community-based education, training, and human service programs, which add to the economic well-being and quality of life throughout the state.

RESCs are poised to serve their districts with timely, relevant, tailored and cost-effective services. The Alliance has an active role in statewide initiatives.

RESCs now offer statewide Online Learning Opportunities for both students and educators.

Minority Teacher Recruitment

The Minority Teacher Recruitment (MTR) program is an integral part of the effort to eliminate the educational achievement gap between minority students and their non-minority peers. For more information, click here.

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For assistance in your district, contact your local RESC.